Till Vellinge kommuns startsida

Municipality & Democracy

The elected politicians in the municipal council (kommunfullmäktige) are primarily responsible for municipal operations. Elections for the municipal council take place every four years. All persons registered in Vellinge municipality over the age of 18 may vote in the election.

The municipal council is the municipality's highest governing body and is functional as a local parliament. The municipal council makes decisions in general policy issues such as the municipal organization, budget goals and referendums.

The municipal executive board (kommunstyrelsen) acts as a local government. The role of the executive board is to oversee and follow up the decisions made by the municipal council.

In Vellinge there are five political municipal committees. They specialize in different departmental concerns such as social care, education and planning permissions.

Municipal Responsibilities

In Sweden the municipalities have the responsibility for social services, schools, child care and elderly care, care for the disabled, some medical care services, emergency services, construction planning and culture. The municipality is also responsible for road maintenance, the water supply, sewage as well as additional technical support.