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Sport Facilities

In Vellinge municipality there are many opportunities to practise all kinds of sports. A lot of the activities are run by associations and sport clubs.

Athletic Fields and Facilities

For information or to book an athletic facility you may contact Vellinge Direkt, telephone: 040-42 50 00. You can also contact the relevant facility for more information.

Idrottsplats Höllviken

Address: Ängdalavägen 38, Höllviken
Telephone: 040-45 19 88
Activities: Football, athletics

Möllevångens Ip

Address: Hamngatan, Skanör
Activities: Football

Vellinge Idrottsplats

Address: Perstorpsgatan 6, Vellinge
Telephone: 040-42 21 65
Activities: Football, athletics, tennis

Idrottsplats Västra Ingelstad

Address: Lillsjövägen 7, Västra Ingelstad


Address: Trelleborgsvägen, Vellinge
Activities: Football, athletics


Address: Tennisvägen, Falsterbo


Address: Östersjövägen, Höllviken
Telephone:040-45 07 84
Activities: Tennis, badminton, table tennis, floorball

Ljungens sporthall

Address: Storvägen 2, Höllviken
Activities: Various indoor sports


Address: Slåttervägen, Skanör
Activities:Various indoor sports


Address: Tennisvägen/Bävervägen, Falsterbo
Activities: Gymnastics, football, floorball

Vanningens Sporthall

Address: Västerbrogatan, Vellinge
Telephone: 040-42 52 86
Activities: Various indoor sports, gym

Vellinge Idrottshall

Address:Trädgårdsgatan, Vellinge
Telephone:040-42 23 30 or 040-42 53 90 (during office hours)
Activities: Various indoor sports, wrestling

Ängdala Sporthall

Address: Ängdalavägen 139, Höllviken
Activities: Taekwondo, various indoor sports


In Vellinge municipality there are two indoor swimmingpools.


Address: Västerbrogatan, Vellinge
Telephone: 040-42 52 86

Badhuset i Västa Ingelstad

Address: Norra Stationsvägen 10, Västa Ingelstad
Telephone: 040–42 50 73 (during office hours)