Till Vellinge kommuns startsida

Care & Social Service

Vellinge municipality offers various forms of care and assistance.

Here you will find information about elderly care and care for the disabled. You will also find information concerning economical advice, advice on family and family relationships, abuse and violence.

Medical Care

Region Skåne is the authority responsible for all public health care in Skåne. There are both private and public Health Care Centers. Hospitals closest to Vellinge municipality are located in Malmö, Trelleborg and Lund.. You can find more information about Region Skåne and public health care here.

The public Health Care Center, Vellinge Vårdcentral, is located on Vallgatan 2, Vellinge.
Telephone: 040-623 94 00 (Monday to Friday 08.00 – 18.00).

During Saturdays and Sundays you can contact Centrumkliniken in Trelleborg.
Telephone: 0410-35 98 20 (Saturday to Sunday 10.00 – 14.00).

For emergencies or life-threatening situations, call 112.